Our Conference.


Our conference

The 25th Annual Miller du Toit Cloete Inc / UWC Faculty of Law Family Conference will be held on 10 and 11 March 2022.  This will be our Silver Anniversary event and we are looking forward to an incredible line-up of topics and speakers, from near and far.

We are hopeful that the conference will be able to proceed in person, but we will in any event have a Zoom attendance option for those who would prefer this.

Details regarding topics and speakers will be circulated shortly.

In the interim, registration is open.


Our Conference.


The Hague Conventions and its relevance in Africa Conference

The Hague African Regional Conference on the HCCH Children’s Conventions was held on Tuesday, 2 April and Wednesday, 3 April 2019 at the University of the Western Cape, Cape Town

The conference was hosted by a steering committee, inter alia, the Law Faculty of the University of the Western Cape, Miller du Toit Cloete Inc, the International Academy of Family Lawyers and experts from the Hague Permanent Bureau.


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