Meet The Team


Sam has been with our firm since 2011 after she qualified with a LL B and LL M (cum laude) in 2010 and 2011 respectively from the University of the Western Cape.

She was admitted as an attorney of the Western Cape High Court with right of appearance in 2012 and has practiced as a specialised family law attorney for 10 years.

In addition to her vast experience in both Regional and High Court litigation (including attending to the appearances herself), Sam has a keen interest in and practical understanding of artificial reproductive technologies (“ART)” and the ever evolving legal conundrums that flow therefrom. Her experience in this regard includes but is not limited to the drafting and implementation of South African and cross-border surrogacy agreements as well as embryo donation.

She remains an ardent researcher and in addition to having written and presented many papers at our annual conference (of which she also assists in organising), she has also co-written and presented papers with Zenobia du Toit and Advocate Julia Anderssen of the Cape Bar. After their paper was published, Sam and Advocate Anderssen then presented their paper at a training workshop attended by Regional Court Magistrates in 2012.

Her paper titled “A synopsis of surrogacy agreements in South Africa” was published in the 2015 International Association of Family Lawyers Annual and her paper short titled” The importance of the genetic link” was published in the 2015 International Bar Association’s Annual Committee Newspaper.

Sam has also travelled extensively, both nationally and internationally, to attend conferences/workshops hosted by, including but not limited to, the International Surrogacy Forum, The Department of Social Development, the International Bar Association (of which she is a member) and the International Association of Family Lawyers.